Parallel Java Course
From Thread to Cloud
Intel Software

  • Slides : download the PDF here (the tex files are available here). The code can be downloaded from SVN. See at the bottom of this page.

  • What : A course to help you understand cloud computing.
    In java and open source.
    It's a one day course, with slides and code samples. Ready to use !
    Technologies covered : Threads, JSR166y, HADOOP, GoogleAppEngine. So it's mostly the server side of cloud computing, client side cloud computing will come later.

  • Technically : You could use the eclipse IDE to open, edit and run the code samples. The 4 parts are available as 3 eclipse projects but you can also use them from command line. Any OS will work, but I wrote documentation for Ubuntu. Using SVN to get code is nice but not required, as downloading a tar ball is also possible.

  • License : The software is released under L-GPL, and the documentation under GNU Free Documentation License so it's totally open source but you can also use it from your commercial software (see license for details and ask your legal dept).
    Copyright Paul Guermonprez 2009 for Intel.

  • Support : This is not an Intel supported project.

  • Quality : I'll do my best but this software is more a repository of code samples than a production software. Don't expect anything and test. But it was already presented twice in two universities.

  • Contact : If you use this software please tell me (, I'm curious !

  • Code download : The project is hosted as SVN repository, you can get it with the commands :
     svn co ParallelJavaCourse
     svn co ParallelJavaCourseHadoop
     svn co ParallelJavaCourseGAE
    Or just download the .tar.gz archive file of everything

  • SF project page :